We understand the procurement cycle and FAR: no preferences, no promises, no guarantees. We just look for opportunities to compete for a contract. We scour FBO and GSA for Sources Sought and RFI’s to find programs looking for solutions to their mission.

Too small for the big guys.

Too big for most of the ‘heart of America’ manufacturers who don’t understand the .gov/.mil way.

Have a Brand Name you want?

We’ll get them on GSA if at all possible.

Looking for an ‘Or Equal’?

We’ll find one and compete.

Have something that needs replacing and no idea where to find it?

We’ll find it and get it on GSA if at all possible.

Looking for Cutting Edge products?

We are on the cutting edge of various technologies.

Sample Projects

Foreign Military Sales, Specialty HaemoDialysis equipment, Egyptian Air Force, USAF, GSA, Global Conglomerate, Egyptian Dealer Urgent Requirement, USS Cassin Young, National Park Service, GSA Schedule 84, Maritime Dock Bumpers, Rock Crusher, Guam, GSA Specialty Tool Kits, or equal.